The World's Leading Mentoring Group

Global Mentors Group provide world-class mentoring through its companies who enable leaders to take on the most challenging leadership roles in the world.

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Leading Partner for New Chairs

The Board Advisory Partnership is the leading partner for the preparation of new and aspiring Chairs, accelerating their impact and success through the sharing of expertise and insights with tenured Chairs. Its purpose is to bring Chairs together to cross-fertilise their experience to create the atmosphere in which value can be created for all stakeholders and society at large.

Unmatched Global Experience

With the largest global roster of pre-eminent Board Chairs and CEOs, CMi represents unmatched knowledge, experience and insight across almost all industries and economies worldwide. Each mentoring engagement is carefully tailored to align with the goals of the company and the Mentee.

Elevating the Impact of Leadership

In everything from cement to satellites and financial services to the metaverse, our clients are at the forefront of transformational change learning from the past and looking to the future. We partner with companies at the executive level to elevate leaders, accelerating their impact and performance for the benefit of themselves, their companies and society as a whole.

Bespoke Mentoring Engagements

CMi Merryck brings real world experience to executive development, and customises each engagement to one – one leader, one board, one team, one cohort, one organisation. Each mentoring engagement is carefully tailored to align with the goals of the organisation and each mentee or team.